• Commitement
  • Stage 1: What happened?
    Stage 2: Why it happened?
    Stage 3: What will happen?
  • Layer 1: Operational
    Layer 2: Tactical
    Layer 3: Strategic
Who We Are ?
In today’s ultra-competitive world, it is vital that businesses succeed in finding ways to stand out from the competition. Business intelligence is key to gaining this advantage and is becoming increasingly important to the success of businesses in every industry.
JET CONSULTING strives to provide you with a BI solution that fits your organization and suits your business needs. As an international company operating in different countries, we bring you knowledge and expertise accumulated over various industries and branches.

Why Choose us ?
  • 1
  • We bring your BI solution to the next level Traditional BI solutions mostly focus on reporting (what happened?) and little is covered in Analysis (why it happened?). Our BI solutions go beyond reporting and analysis to cover questions like “what will happen?”, “what could happen?”, “what if…?” and more! Through our analysis methodologies, we help our clients assess their own capabilities; compare their relative strengths and weaknesses against their competitors; identify trends and market conditions; and respond quickly to change -- all to gain a competitive advantage.
  • 2
  • At least 40% cheaper than average market price Not only do we strive for continued excellence, we provide solutions that fit each company’s budget and resources. In any case, our hourly rates are at least 40% cheaper than average market price.
  • 3
  • Wide range of Flexible and dynamic visualizations We offer a diverse collection of visualization techniques that enriches different analysis with the right data representation.
  • 4
  • Interactive visualizations Thanks to our interactive data visualizations, we empower you with means and features to interactively surf the data and get the answers they need, without having to generate reports for every business question that pops up.
  • 5
  • Less time building reports, more time analyzing! Most organizations spend a lot of time building and merging reports to know what happened, and completely neglect why it happened in many cases. We help our clients to look past their current business performance (what happened?), and focus more on the underlying factors behind their performance (why it happened?). Understanding “why it happened?” helps our clients devise strategies for improvement and gain competitive advantage.
  • 6
  • We bring science and business together! Not only do we analyze the market trends and keep up with newly technologies, we are also highly involved in the science community where we constantly try to find business areas where science can make a difference (especially Data science).
  • 7
  • No need for an army of consultants or hours of training Simplicity is key in all our deliverables, we provide solutions that are very easy to use by anyone within your organization. It is no longer required for a simple user to wait for a report from a super user nor is it required to have extended trainings to learn how to use our solution.
  • 8
  • Access your BI platform anytime, anywhere and from any device Our IT infrastructure and cross platform policy, enables our clients to access their BI platform anytime, anywhere and from any device. This provides managers access to critical business information on the fly!
  • 9
  • Try it before you buy it We are so confident in our competences to the extent which we build a solution for free for our client. The client can then decide whether to buy the complete solution or not.